Alexander Technique

Posture and Movement Class


Have fun learning with Rossella the basics of the Alexander Technique, which corrects bad postural habits in order to transform how your body feels, looks and moves.

Experience benefits like pain relief, improved performance, and general well being!


Read what the NHS has to say about it...


During the class we will look at:


Whole-body coordination and balance.

Breathing with ease, coordination and directions. Voice Awareness of your limbs in relation to the all-important trio, the head, neck and back.

"Body mapping". Constructive rest: a quick and easy way to "reset" your posture.

Integrating what you have learned into your standing, walking and other everyday activities like sitting at a desk.


All abilities and levels of experience.

Absolute beginners are welcome!

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat or a blanket with you










Booking is strongly recommended to ensure a place.

Info and bookings:


Rossella Buono

07717 553022

[email protected]



4 classes - £32

1 Class - £10



12 -1pm


5th September

12th September

19th September

26th September