Maria deS. is the creator of Posture Queen and Wise Yoga. Maria is a yoga teacher and a Feldenkrais Method instructor


Maria helps you to empower yourself through understanding how posture works. This understanding will not only relieve back pain but it also allow you to present yourself to the world with power, elegance and confidence.


Maria also brings the knowledge of posture to parents and teachers in schools and how they can introduce posture education to children in a non-disciplinary way.


Another area where you can see Maria offering her knowledge of posture are in offices where she teaches office workers how to care for their spine and avoid back pain.


Maria’s mission is to raise awareness of good posture and spread the seeds of good postural habits throughout the world.


Maria organises various live workshops on posture throughout the UK.


If you would like to invite Maria to do a workshop where you live or come to your office or your child's school please contact Maria at


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