Mindfullness Meditation

Meditation is associated associated with all religions and this may be because it taps into our spiritual side or as some like to call it our being. But thus course will not favor any religious practice.


The course does however, offer the opportunity for you to become more compassionate towards yourself and others.


My personal definition of the practice of meditation is


"Take time out, in stillness/ chanting, observe your thoughts and how your body feels, you will start to lose your fear of yourself."





Every Monday 11am-12.30pm


with Toby Harrison

01227 742657


£6 per person


Every Monday




Meditation Course Plan 5 weeks

Week 1

Explanation about the course objectives what is meditation. Taking care of yourself, Health and safety.

  • Exercise breathing, posture sitting on chair. Suggestions for home practice feedback from group

  • Squared breathing, observation of thoughts

  • Explanation around visualisation. Practice of 20 minutes meditation and visualation.

  • Guided meditation laying down relaxation response


Week 2

Checking in discussion about benefits feedback group.

  • Tuning into the body, body scan lying down

  • Observation and pause at the end of the breaths

  • Practice mindful walking, inhalation, exhalation, body checks

  • Accepting and letting go meditation


Week 3

Checking in discussion benefits of being in the moment

  • Meditation tuning in following breath, awareness of what thoughts you pull

  • Eating, experience, feedback

  • Visualisation of memories

  • Joy, the use of past experiences, feelings and bodily sensations

  • Sounds and thoughts and the space in between

Week 4

Checking in feedback

  • Standing combined mindful stretch and breath meditation

  • Healing white light meditation

  • Just being meditation


Week 5 

  • Just being checking in meditation

  • Visualation of body energy. Observation of body responses to certain thoughts of activities

  • Laying or sitting meditation. Expanding boundaries, sensing solidarity, and body density to expand with the universe!