I have been working with sound healing for almost 20 years, since first experiencing a didgeridoo massage. At first mostly intuitively, with drums, rattles and sacred voice work but also informed by sound healing texts from such teachers as Jonathan Goldman, Dielle Ciesco and James D'angelo. I have been offering experiential workshops around the country and at festivals for a number of years. I have also studied with shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman and healing voice teacher Jill Purce.


I completed my training in the BAST method of sound therapy, studying Holistic Voice Therapy, Drum Therapy and Group Voice Therapy and have found this method to be deeply transformative with clients on all aspects of being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I am both humbled and excited by its potential for very deep work. I have a degree in music and psychology and have undertaken training in counselling, NLP, hypnosis and lifemusic. I also teach piano cello and voice.


Naomy Raven

Sound Therapist

Naomy Raven


Every Friday 10.30am - 4pm

01227 741802