I have been working with Sound Healing for around 20 years. I have a degree in music and psychology and completed my training in the BAST method of Sound Therapy, studying Holistic Voice Therapy, Drum Therapy and Group Voice Therapy. I have found this method to be deeply transformative with clients on all aspects of being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Whilst Holistic Voice Therapy can be useful for working with the voice itself, (eg singing, public speaking, speaking up for oneself) it can also be for transformative therapeutic work (not necessarily voice-related). HVT can be particularly helpful for relationship issues, emotional difficulties, anxiety, tension, pain, insomnia and more. It is also great for deep relaxation.


As a holistic therapy, working on issues on one level of being (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) can free up energy on another eg relief from physical pain or other symptoms. Similarly working on the thoughts and feelings we have around a health problem can bring much benefit on all levels of being and aspects of life.


The drum is ancient, universal and almost certainly the oldest instrument in the world. It has been used ceremonially and shamanically in almost every culture. Its power is strong and deep. I have been using the drum for many years and I find its ability to clear and connect me to myself amazing.


The drum has been used for healing and altering consciousness since ancient times. Drum therapy can be good for muscle or bone pain, arthritis, muscle tension, stress-related symptoms, general relaxation and physical pain. As well as described as being very relaxing, calming, focusing and centering, clients also report enjoying the feel of the strong vibrations on their body of Drum Massage.


During a Drum Journey the drum is played away from your body in a fast unaccented rhythm while you lie down. This type of drumming as in all the BAST lie down treatment methods helps facilitate that deep relaxed state where you may see colours, imagery etc and you might receive guidance, information and insight into your life.


I offer one to one sessions of either voice or drum which can be relaxing lie-down treatments or more dynamic sessions where I support you to use your voice, plus breath, movement etc depending what we feel will be most beneficial for you at the time.


I am soon to be also offering sound therapy treatments with Gong, Himalyan Bowls and Voice.


Naomy Raven

Sound Therapist

Naomy Raven


Every Friday 10.30am - 4pm


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