Pilates originates from Joseph Pilates, who developed "Contrology" - a way to rehabilitate himself through working "core" or what I call posture, muscles; the muscles deep in the torso, close to your skeleton, which hold you in an upright position, meaning your body can work at it's optimal efficiency (Hargrove, T., 2010). This is something I feel is very relevant in today's society considering our generally sedentary lifestyles; working in offices, or similar. Core, or posture muscles are also very important in any activity, - particularly sport - where power is needed from the muscles further from the torso. This is because the core muscles provide stability so that power and strength can come for the muscles on the surface. Finally, it is a great way in which to keep your body aligned symmetrically; misalignment will mean your body is not working efficiently and one side of your body will be more prone to injury.
















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