Reiki Classes

Learning reiki is commitment for spiritual growth and learning how to apply reiki as a hands on healing technique. At The Tranquility Space the reiki teacher will take you through a learning journey by teaching you the techniques and giving you experience by allowing you to help during treatments with James Woodward. James Woodward runs the South East Kent Reiki Hands on Healing School.


All students receive a manual written by James Woodward who has many years experience with practicing and teaching. Each technique is taught to a high standard with a layered development of knowledge and experience that builds on the previous lesson. Everyeone will gain an understand reiki and how to practice it for every day use and on others with traditional techniques.


James teaches small groups only. Maximum of 4


Level 1 £100 per person

September16th 10am-1pm, 17th 10am-4pm

and 23rd 10am-1pm and 25th 10am-4pm


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[email protected]




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Reiki teaching has three levels. They are Shoden (beginners), Okuden (inner teaching) and Shinpinden (mystery).


Level 1 (Shoden) is a beginner level

What you learn and activities


  • What is reiki

  • Hatsurei-ho (gashoo meditation, joshin kokyu-ho and kenyoku)

  • Reiju (attunement)

  • Reiki mawashi (reiki current)

  • Go kai (the five reiki principles)

  • Full body treatment on others

  • Healing yourself

  • Hanshin Koketsu-ho (half body blood circulation technique

  • Understanding how people get ill and how to detect blockages, the severity and length of time to treat relevant areas. This includes byosen scanning, reiji ho and the five levels of toxicity


Followed by accompanying James with clients.


Level 2 (Okuden)

What you learn and activities


  • The 3 symbols

  • The power symbol

  • The emotional symbol

  • The distant healing symbol

  • Seeing byosen

  • Sending reiki with your eyes

  • The reiki breath

  • Transforming negative energy (with objects)

  • Detoxification technique

  • Ketsueki kokan (full body blood circulation technique)

  • The five principles in Japanese


Followed by accompanying James with clients.


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