Thai Yoga Massage

Thai (yoga) massage is an therapeutic energy-based treatment. My practice focuses on the whole person and getting to the root causes of any ailments or issues you may have.Thai massage uses a combination of rhythmic pressure along the energy lines and gentle passive (you don’t have to do anything other than relax!) stretches to relax and open your body.The massage takes you on a journey through your body, inviting you to increase awareness and breath into any areas of tension – or numbness. Thai massage is gentle and the pressure and stretches will be sensitive; mindful touch responds constantly to each contact with your body. Thai massage opens the body, helps restore balance and a healthy flow of energy, which can both help the body to heal and prevent future dis-ease. Every treatment is unique and tailored to your needs.





Bev Bowman


£40 for 1hr

£50 for 1.5hrs

£60 for 2hrs

£70 for 2.5 hrs

07786 898596


Bev does not work on specific day and also works from home. To book an appointment contact Bev directly.